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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses on DroneArchaeology free?

No they are not free but we only charge a low fee which is the equivalent of two cups of coffee a month. This small amount helps us with the operational and technical costs of the platform.

How will you charge me?

For Yearly Subscribers

Once you start your subscription, you’ll be charged every year on the day you signed up. You can cancel at any time (read more about cancellation). New subscriptions begin on the date of purchase. If you have a pre-existing subscription, purchasing a new subscription will not extend your current subscription.

For Monthly Subscribers

You will be charged every month on the day you signed up. You can cancel at any time. As a monthly subscriber, you can also pause your account for up to three months. After the pause period ends, automatic billing will resume. Read more about pausing.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time through your account settings. You will still have full access for the remaining subscription period. For example: if you purchased a yearly subscription in December but canceled two weeks later, you will still have access until the following December.

Cancelling will stop automatic billing. You will not lose any course progress should you choose to resubscribe in the future.

Monthly subscribers may see the option to “pause forever”. This is the same as canceling. If you are a monthly subscriber and are interested in pausing your account, read more about pausing.

I signed up for DroneArchaeology, but I have not received my confirmation email. What should I do?

Check your junk/spam folder first. If it’s there, ensure you mark it as “not spam” so you can get emails from us in the future. After you access the email, click on the link it provides for activating your registration with us. If you do not receive any email at all, please open a support ticket by clicking the Support tab to the right of the page, and we will manually activate your account for you.

I’m having problems logging in. What should I do?

Depending on the problem encountered, you will receive a different error message with instructions to follow. If the instructions do not work, or you do not understand them, please open a Support ticket by clicking the Support tab to the right of the page.

Which browsers and versions does Cognitive Class support?

DroneArchaeology.com runs on WordPress; therefore the browsers we support are the same as the ones WordPress supports, namely:

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

How does the grading scheme work for DroneArchaeology.com courses?

In most courses (with few exceptions), review questions are worth 50% of the mark, and the final exam is worth 50%. The course passing grade is 70%.

Review Questions:
– Have no time limit. This should encourage participants to go back to material previously explained to find the correct answer.
– Multiple choice questions have two chances while True/False questions only have one chance.
– Review questions are marked per question. As soon as you answer a particular question, when the “Final check” button appears, it means you will have no more chances after clicking that button, and your answer will be immediately marked and cannot be changed (ever). You will be able to see your grade progress at any time using the “Progress” tab.

Final Exam:
– Has a 1-hour time limit
– Like Review Questions, as you click on “Final check” per question, you will be marked.
– If you are used to taking final exams and attempting the exam up to 3 times, where you would complete all questions first and receive a mark after submitting your answers for the entire exam, now, in the new Cognitive Class system, marks are per question. Each question will have its own number of tries (typically 2 chances). In a sense, you are submitting for marking per question.

I work in academia. Can I get a discount for my students?

As an academic professional, you can sign your class up for an entire semester for free via DataCamp for the Classroom (Note: only teaching staff can apply. This is not for students, nonprofits or researchers). Read more here.

What course should I take next?

The easiest way to figure out what course to take next is to join a learning Track. Each track provides a sequence of courses leading to mastery of a specific topic (Skill Tracks)

Do I need to know how to pilot a drone to get started?

Nope! We have courses for both beginners and experts. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience, you can learn something new that will help you grow.