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Exploring and protecting our Heritage with the help of technology


in remote areas using UAVs

Lost City, Hoax, Atahualpa's Tomb?

Non-invasive techniques for
cultural heritage management

Ground penetrating radar, magnetometer,
LIDAR equipped UVAs, ALS...

Aerial Digital Archaeology & Preservation (ADAP) is an independent research group specialized in exploration & technology.

We volunteer to provide NON-INVASIVE technology to Professional archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists, historians, experts in geography, and local preservation authorities.

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Our Skills

  • Aerial Archaeology
  • Photogrammetry and 3D
  • Ground Penetrating Radars
  • Exploration
  • Documentation and Research

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  • ABC.es
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sun
  • Le Point

The objectives of the Aerial Digital Archaeology & Preservation (ADAP) research group include promoting, protecting and conserving the global archaeological heritage. Our group members conduct their activities according to the principles of scholarly practice and in compliance with local preservation laws and regulations.